You want regular leads and sales so you have security from your business

Yet it also needs to be sustainable so that it doesn’t rob you of your soul and time. The only way to get this is to put some smarts into it.

The Digital Fix Kit is all you need to make it happen.

Build the know-how to level up time and time again.

  • No more guessing

    Complete clarity

    A clear map of what you should be doing online to get in front of your customers, where to start and where and what you should be doing and saying to convert them to paying customers.

  • Get started right away

    The right focus

    Tools and templates to make it super simple and straightforward to your map out your custom fit online plan for your business.

  • Take things to the next level

    Build up momentum

    A perpetual, 24-7 sales funnel (ughh hate the lingo…but you know what I mean) that helps you start to scale up and grow.

Your customers online behavior is the secret

Understanding where, what and how to be in front of your customers.

You need to have a digital strategy that reflects how your customers behave online. If you put in place all the right touch points, you will bring people back to you time and time again until they decide they have no choice but to buy from you! The Digital Strategy Kit will show you how to put together your customer journey as well as how to start to put in a sales funnel, and tools for automation.
  • Know where to start

  • Become the expert

  • No need to be techy

What's included?

  • Learn how to plan your digital strategy to find and convert your customers

    Find where your customers are online and put in place what you need to woo and convert them to loyal paying customers.

  • Create your own sales funnel so you can automate and scale up

    Take your strategy and put it into action in a way that can help you scale beyond the current boundaries of your business.

And more ...

Tools to make it happen.

  • Bonus - Examples of customer journeys from other businesses to fire your creative juices.

  • Bonus - Introduction to Mailchimp automation

  • Bonus - Introduction to Automated Messenger Bots

The Digital Fix Kit includes ...

  • On demand videos with step by step explanations

  • Workbooks to help you apply the knowledge you gain

  • Templates to build your action plans and get started

  • Access to a dedicated Facebook Group to get answers to any of your questions

  • Detailed FAQs


  • $209.00


    Invest in your business, get strategic and focus on what will make the most difference to your business.
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